February 2007

Students are all back at school and it’s back to work for me with more Riding High books to be released this year. The next horsey competition for me will the National Morgan Horse Show in March. I hope to have some fun with Cruise, competing in show classes, dressage and showjumping. Like lots of other places, where I live in Victoria is very, very dry at the moment so I am praying that some rain comes our way soon. I hope all you horse lovers had a great summer holiday. I hope to visit some more schools this year. Maybe I’ll get to visit yours. Now I’d better get back to work so I have time to ride later.

Welcome to 2007

Happy New year to all you horse lovers and readers! It’s been nice to have a few days break with family over the Christmas period. I’ve been doing lots of riding too, mostly with Cruise, who I’ll be taking to a show in a couple of weeks time. He is a pleasure to ride, always willing and eager to please.

Thanks Jess, for your email. Mischief sounds like a cool pony and good luck with your eventing. To answer your question, there are more Riding High books on the way this year, so keep a look out at your bookstore. Riding High no five, titled Heads or Tails, is due to be released in March.

Merry Christmas

Hope everybody gets a nice present or two for Christmas. Spare a thought for all our equine friends out there. Ensure they have plenty of fresh food, water, shade and company and if you’re off on a holiday, be sure to arrange for a responsible person to keep an eye on them while you’re away. 

 Thanks Zoe, for leaving a comment on my blog. Enjoy reading your new Riding High Books.

15th December

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone. I hope all of you who own horses have stocked up on hay to feed your horses through the summer. With the current drought, feed for horses has become very expensive and quite hard to get.

Spider went to his first show on the weekend. It was the Palomino Horse Breeders State championships. I was very pleased with the way he behaved himself. Going out for the whole day is a big deal for such a young horse but he took it all in his stride.

Cruise also went to his first show a couple of weeks ago and was very well behaved. He even managed to win a few ribbons, which he deserved as he’s a wonderful pony who is always trying to please his rider, who, in this case, was my son.

All the horses will get to have a break over Christmas but Cruise will be going to more shows over Summer. I’m looking forward to doing lots of riding with my daughter now that she is on school holidays


November 17th

Late spring is usually a time when horses look their best. Winter coats have been shed and horses gleam with health;grown fat and sleek from lush, plentiful grass. Unfortunately this year the drought has meant that grass in paddocks hasn’t grown much and is already dying off. There is not much hay around and feed prices have begun to climb. 

If you’re a horse owner, make sure you stock up with hay and other feed where possible so that your horse or horses are assured a feed supply over summer. Everyone is hoping the drought will break in autumn, but in the case of a drought it’s often best to assume the worst and stock up with more than you need. Remember horse’s need 80 percent of roughage in their diets to stay healthy and avoid stomach upsets like colic. Various kinds of hay and chaff, along with good quality grass, are what roughage is.

Horse’s need a constant supply of fresh water. On a warm to hot day they drink litres and litres of the stuff and will quickly dehydrate if they run out. Make sure you check and fill your water troughs every day, twice on a really hot day.

Spider is now lungeing well and trotting beside me. The show is just a few weeks away. Before we go I will shampoo him all over, once about a week before and then again the day before the show. He’ll have his feathers and his whiskers trimmed, get a really good grooming and his hooves will be painted black. Hopefully, he will behave himself at the show. although because he is so young he will probably become quite excited when he sees all the other horses.

Both Jess and Bickham are pregnant again. I just hope they both carry their foals through to a healthy, complication free birth.

Doc is having an easy workload because my daughter has a badly sprained ankle and is unable to ride him. We (my son and I) are preparing Cruise for his first show in two weeks time. He’s such a good horse I’m sure he will take it all in his stride, as he has done everything else. I have been riding Redman when I can and am very happy with the way he is working for me. Perhaps next year I will find time to attend a few competitions myself.

October 10th

Spring is a busy time for horse owners. The show season is now in full swing and many ‘showies’ are out and about with their horses. Congratulations to Pam Ahern from Kilmore for winning the prestigious Garryowen event at the Royal Melbourne Show.

I am busy introducing Spider to many new experiences, in the hope that he will be ready to show in the led classes at the Australian Palomino Horse Breeders Association show in December. He is a clever little horse and seems to enjoy learning. So far he can lead, tie up, be hosed for a wash and also travel in the float – all without any fuss. Now I’m slowly asking him to trot beside me without him thinking it’s playtime and jumping around with excitement. His white winter coat is slowly loosening and falling out, showing a lovely golden palomino underneath. I try to hurry the process along with a lot of grooming, but the process still seems to take a long time.

This is also a busy time of year for eventers. My daughter and I have been to several one day events with her thoroughbred, Doc. They are improving with every outing and we love the way Doc is so willing to jump any obstacle my daughter asks him to. He’s a really super horse and we love him.  

 Both the mares have returned to stud. Hopefully this time they will conceive and carry the foals through to two healthy births. They are certainly in good condition at the moment; with dappled coats and a gleam in their eyes.


Book signing at Myer

myersigning3.jpg I recently attended a book signing at Myer Northland in Melbourne. The Myer staff made me feel very welcome and it was great fun meeting customers in the book department. Myer went to a lot of effort to create a horsey feel in the book department, helped out by a staff member who brought in her old riding boots, helmet, and ribbons from her old pony club days. The photographs show myself with store manager, Glenise McNally, signing Riding High books for customers and the book display. The young girl in the pink top was a very special customer who loves horses and riding and is a keen reader of the books in the Riding High series.