Riding High

Annie Boyd’s world is turned upside down when her family moves to Ridgeview. The only shining light in her new life is the local pony club. But will she ever truly belong?

If Wishes Were Horses

Annie’s whole life depends on getting a pony. It might even help her make new friends. Without a pony, a lonely, boring summer holiday stretches out before her. Without a pony, her best friend will know that Annie’s a liar.

US edition 

Making the Grade

So now Annie’s got what she wished for — a horse of her own. But can she afford to keep him? Will she have the courage to ride him? And will she ever make the grade with a horse that no one else wants?

US edition 

Leap of Faith

Cross-country, dressage and show-jumping — it’s all in a One-Day-Event’s work. But sometimes you need more than practice. Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith.

US edition 

Team Challenge

Games Day is looming and Annie is desperate to be a team member. But it seems Jessica Coulsen has finally got the upper hand — or has she?

US edition 

Heads or Tails?

Annie Boyd is no longer the new girl at pony club. She has settled into life in the quiet town of Ridgeview. But don’t think life is dull…

When the local horses fall victim to a thief, Annie is determined to solve the mystery. But by getting involved, has she put her own horse in danger?

Balancing Act

Annie’s entry in the interschool riding competition sets her up against other Ridgeview pony club members. Then she makes a promise that she cannot keep. Can Annie fulfil her commitments and still keep everyone happy?

Making Waves

A seaside camp with her best friend and their ponies — that’s Annie’s idea of a perfect holiday.

But things turn sour when Reesa and Annie have an argument. And when some of the ponies escape, Annie’s perfect holiday turns into a perfect disaster

Pony Trek

A pony trek in the mountains is the chance Annie has been waiting for to show off her new riding skills. Her city friend, Jade, will be so impressed.

But things never work out the way they should. One stupid decision, just one silly mistake, and everything that Annie knows is lost.


The Riding High series is published in Australia by black dog books, an imprint of Walker Books. limited number of signed copies available . Contact Bernadette for details.


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