Pony Patch

Norton is a naughty pony that loves to eat. His owner, Molly, thinks he is the most perfect pony in the whole world…

The Pony Patch Collection

All four individual books also available



Norton’s adventures are now all together in one volume. Makes a perfect gift, or you can collect all four individual titles.

Naughty Norton

“The most important thing is not to leave before your pony has learnt the day’s lesson. Today’s lesson was that I was in charge.”

US edition now available

Losing Norton

“It was time for action. I gathered all my evidence. ‘Hello. Police?’ I said. ‘There‘s been a pony napping. You‘d better come quick!’ ”

US edition now available

Norton Saves the Day

Even horses get bored sometimes. So I thought of a great way to make Norton’s life more interesting — riding school. It’s not that my pony had much to learn. But we could certainly teach the rest of the class a thing or two…

US edition now available

Norton’s Blue Ribbon

It was Show Day and I couldn’t wait to compete. Finally everyone would know that my Norton was a blue ribbon pony.

US edition now available



The Pony Patch series is published in Australia by black dog books, an imprint of Walker Books and can be purchased from bookshops or from Walker Books.

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