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Pearson English – Pearson Education

Saving The Farm




Walker’s Farm is a very special place in the middle of a busy city. But the owner, Marta, can’t afford to keep it open and the farm has to be sold. Can Finn, Willow and their friends raise enough money to keep the farm open? Or will Marta have to take her animals and leave the city?

Just Kids – Pearson Education

Set 1 – Cartwheeling Carli

Nobody at school did cartwheels like Carli. Or somersaults. Or backflips. Now the other kids are getting angry.

Set 2 – Special Talent

Tom’s class project is due tomorrow and he hasn’t even started. Will he figure out his special talent in time?

Set 4 – Puppy Puzzle

Harry’s dog Cleo has eight new puppies. When Cleo starts acting strangely, Harry worries. Can Harry and his friends figure out what’s going on?

Set 5 – Bugs Away

Lisa and Jay love collecting bugs and creepy crawlies. They want to share their exciting hobby with their friends too. But will everyone feel the way they do about their bug collection?

298’s – Nelson Thomson

Saving My Sister

Everyone thinks that it can’t happen to them. My sister Salima was in a road accident. This is her story – Yasmin Hammid.

Hammid’s Heroes

Everyone in class had a hero. Everyone except me – Yasmin Hammid.

Rules Rule

I thought being a rule monitor would be great. But you have no idea how much trouble it got me into – Jason Hooper

Crazy Cuisine

Our class was having a food stall at the school fair. The crazy thing was, I couldn’t cook – Jason Hooper

The Bread Thief – Ziptales

Someone is stealing bread from the bakery. Can Jake and Molly catch the thief?

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