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Our knowledge and ideas about the world are shaped by writers – poets, novelists, playwrights and journalists. The 1800’s were a time of turbulence and change in the Australian colonies with droughts, strikes, bush rangers and long periods of mass unemployment. The freethinking writers of the time were often called radical but they were the voice for change in this new country – and their influence is still evident today.

 Bug Club – Pearson Education

Famous Places

Let’s take a trip around the world and look at some amazing famous places! There are so many places to visit. I hope you’ve got your walking shoes on!


Living Lights

Did you know that some plants and animals can create their own light? Come on a journey with me to look at some of nature’s living lights!


Chatterbox – Pearson Education

Mind Games – A Collection of Thinking Games

Word games. Pen and paper games. Memory games. Games for small and large groups to play at home or in the classroom.

Gold Dust – An Anthology

Rush into this collection and see what you dig up. Read about Palomino horses, GM food and King Midas. Get into some corny jokes and honeybee facts, and think about the meaning behind Coldplay’s Yellow.

Inquizitive – Pearson Education

Long Jump

Children learn the concept of measuring using non standard and standard units of measurement. Text features dialogue, questions and specialised vocabulary.

The News – Horwitz Martin

In Flight

How are aircraft made and what makes them get off the ground? In this edition of The News we take a close look at the amazing world of flight.

Weather Works

From sunshine to cyclones to snowstorms, this edition of The News takes a close look at some fascinating facts about the weather.

News Extra – Horwitz Martin

Nature’s Wonders

In this edition of The News Extra, learn about some of the world’s spectacular features and where in the world they can be found.

Zebras – Thomson Nelson

Field Guide to Dangerous Animals

Curriculum focus: Science | Text type: Report/explanation

Amphibians, arachnids, fish, insects, jellyfish, mammals, octopuses, reptiles – does a dangerous animal live near you?

Country Vet

Curriculum focus: SOSE | Text type: Information narrative

Have you ever wondered what happens when an animal goes to the doctor? Take a visit to the country vet and find out.

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