Pets & Ponies

Bessie Mae

Bessie Mae is a pure Morgan Mare. She is Starsky’s mum and a real sweetheart. Bessie was started under saddle after Starsky was weaned. She is a lovely horse to ride and also enjoys a good cuddle!




Starsky is my three year old buckskin pure Morgan gelding. He will soon be off to begin his education as a riding horse.



Sage is a young Australian Kelpie with a stack of energy. She tries very hard to be good but sometimes excitement and exuberance make listening really difficult. Sage loves to run, and sometimes she forgets where our property’s boundaries are. These days she spends a lot of her time at a bigger property in Central Victoria where she can stretch her legs more thoroughly, but she comes back here for visits all the time.

Cadence & Jaspar

Cadence is a Palomino Australian Stock Horse Mare. She was born on our property in September 2007. Cadence is really friendly and a much loved part of our little family.

Jaspar was born on the same day as Cadence. He is also an Australian Stock Horse. They are the best of friends, except at feed time, when Cadence gets a bit bossy.

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