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If you’re reading this don’t fall off your chair. I’m resurrecting this sadly neglected blog for a new post. For someone who writes words for a living I seem to rarely get here, usually because I’m writing elsewhere in some form or another. Not that I’m complaining. Putting words together into sentences to tell a story, whether it be writing for children or adults, fiction or non-fiction, information or entertainment, on a topic direct from my life or someone else’s, in whatever form, is one of my preferred ways to spend time. So this blog has become an occasional place for me. A place where I drop in randomly when the I feel an urge to share an experience or event that’s moved me in some way. Tonight I’m moved to put it on record how blessed and fortunate I feel at this time in my life.

The last couple of years have proved to be an exciting and sometimes challenging mix of work, travel, and fulfilling times with family and dear friends. Eighteen months ago an opportunity presented itself. I took on a new role as a journalist, magazine editor and event manager. It’s been fast paced, and at times exhausting, but also rewarding and exciting, and I’ve loved every minute of it. In between work commitments, I’ve made time to experience my own beautiful land, Australia, visiting fabulous locations in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, and my own Victoria. Away and at home, I’ve been privileged to share adventures with adult children, loved and treasured friends, and at times my beautiful horses.

Just a week ago I returned home from an incredible trip with my son. Together we explored the wildly different but equally unique and fragile environments of The Galapagos Islands and Peru. Such a long way from home and an incredible journey to share with a loved one. How blessed am I?

More recently, a new opportunity and a new chapter in my life (I’m a great believer in recognising opportunities and grabbing them wherever I possibly can) came my way and I decided to go for it. It involves more travel, a lot of it, and lots of horse riding, my other favourite thing to do. I’ll be working too. For me, it’s the stuff of dreams and I’m still pinching myself, not quite convinced its all actually happening, but soon I’ll be leaving the magazine and embarking on a new and exciting adventure.

Like many, I’ve come to travel later in my life, but already there have been so many wonderful experiences, not always but most often on horseback, my preferred mode. I’ve faced charging elephants and been surrounded by lions in Kenya. I’ve looked down on the world from the peaks of Andes Mountains, stood mere metres from wild mountain gorillas in Uganda, and galloped through freezing rivers in wild and beautiful Patagonia. These experiences, while certainly not common, are not unique to me I know, but there was a time when the chance to do anything remotely like them was so far out of my reach they were unthinkable. I’m so thankful that circumstances have allowed me these and other equally awe-inspiring experiences. This world of ours is so special, and so spectacular. I take none of it for granted, and I hope to come back here, perhaps a bit more regularly if time permits, but most likely as randomly as ever.

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