Leap of Faith!

It’s been a big year and it’s about to get even bigger, HUGE in fact. After months of planning, I’ll soon be jetting off on my biggest travel event yet. Eleven rides, eight countries, a total of one hundred and forty days. It feels surreal and exciting and even a little bit scary. In all of my life I have never been away from home for so long or taken such a gigantic leap of faith into the unknown.

New job, new and mobile living arrangements, new housemates/travel companions. I expect a trip like this may change me – the way I think and look at the world – in a good way I hope.

My precious ponies at home will be well looked after in my absence thanks to loved ones. I’ll miss them all, ponies and people, but I’ll be back with a story or two to tell.

First stop London, England for just a couple of nights, then on to Rejkavik, Iceland, and beyond. Stay tuned folks. Pics to come.

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