A Poem for the New Year

News | Posted by Bernadette on Monday 2nd January 2017

2017 we’re standing in it! My new year’s eve was spent quietly with dear friends playing cards. What about yours?  A post from another friend inspired me to write a poem. I do love to write rhyme, but this one one came out as free verse. A little something to bring in the year.

New Year’s Eve

Time’s footsteps

bearing whole weight of being,

Champagne breath. A luminous breeze.

Party heels.

Or wistful silence , mute fanfare, quiet contemplation.

Sensible shoes.

Across the 12th divide

Second to second. Tireless momentum. Unfaltering pace.

Carries all. Paths  enigmatic.

Ripe fruit for harvest, promises whispered, delights untasted,

tears unshed.

Marching, relentlessly forward,

into a shimmering haze of hope


and a brand new year.


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