Here’s To Making Hay in 2016

News | Posted by Bernadette on Tuesday 27th December 2016

With only a few more days until the door is closed on 2016, I’m making good on my resolution to blog more often. Seems logical to start with a reflection on the past year.

It’s been a big one. No new published books to add to the stable but plenty of writing projects on the go. Time and experience has taught me to think big picture when it comes to writing. Nothing is wasted and all work will come to light at some point, although not always in the form of it’s original idea. One project in particular is moving closer to book stage but it’s too soon yet to announce details.

Writing time has been wedged in around a busy bookish schedule. I’ve visited schools, organised writing workshops, and been a guest speaker at a SCBWI (society of children’s book writers and illustrators) meeting. I’ve attended award ceremonies, and been a delegate at the Children’s Book Council conference in Sydney. And I’ve managed to squeeze in some research trips that could not have been more of a contrast, from the majestic Snowy Mountains, to the starry skies of the Kimberley to the sparkling views over Sydney Harbour.

With the help of some clever ‘Tradie’ types, my 1970’s house has been renovated (finally). It was a relatively small renovation but it took a huge amount of time. We began in February and finally finished in November. I am completely in love with my ‘new’ home so it was all worth it in the end.

I’ve been working on some fantastic new projects at The Story Wizard, my freelance communications business, including developing websites and writing/creating promotional material for a couple of large companies.

When Spring arrived with a vengeance, it was action stations at home. One of the responsibilities of owning a country property is keeping up with maintenance. A wet winter and even wetter spring had the grass growing FAST and me battling to keep up. For months now, it seems like my waking hours have been taken up with mowing around the house, slashing the paddocks to prepare for the fire season, and managing horses to keep them from becoming too fat on all that green growth.

Then came the hay harvest. A group of us followed the hay baler around the paddocks, scrambling to get every bale in and stacked in the shed while the weather held. There were a LOT of bales, and by the time we’d finished the job there wasn’t a part of me that didn’t ache. Keeping up with the property is a never ending job but I love the green hills around me so it’s best to just get on with it. The physical aches and pains fade away, but when I sit out on my deck and look around, I’m healed and sustained as I breath it all in. I’m surrounded by trees, birds and wildlife, and my wonderful horses. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

I consider myself to be very fortunate. I have in my life beautiful family and friends and a wealth of opportunity to follow my passions wherever they may lead me. Not sure what’s next in the story but I’m looking forward to turning the page on this year and opening a new chapter called 2017.


Here’s To Making Hay in 2016 — 2 Comments

    • Thank you Neridah. And what with your beautiful picture book, I imagine your year has been amazing too. I can be an impatient soul, but if I ever thought things weren’t happening fast enough, writing about the year certainly put it all into perspective. All the best for the new year ahead. xx

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