New Look Website In The Pipeline

A very generous friend of mine will soon be getting together with me to help me update my website with a fresh new look. Before we begin though, I need to think about the sorts of things to add, what to keep and what to do away with.

So I’ve been spending some time snooping around the web at other sites and having a think. A number of ideas are bubbling away but I thought it might be good to put out a call to see if any of you out there would care to put in your ten cents worth.
Readers – Any suggestions?
Teachers – Is there any thing you’d particularly like to see on an author site?
Other Authors – Have you any tips on what seems to work for your site or what doesn’t?
If any one has any feedback I’d really love to hear it. Meanwhile, watch this space for the results!


New Look Website In The Pipeline — 1 Comment

  1. Hi BK, My piece of advice to to have plenty of space on the pages of your site. I find some websites are too ‘busy’ and it’s hard to find the information you need, so I sometimes give up.

    Good luck. Hope it goes smoothly.

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